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Completed: 12th January 2021

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"Rise Audit Web Design and Branding"

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Reviewer 1

Would you run this idea?

30 years in FMCG Industry as a supplier (marketing, sales and category management) - including 20 years as a consultant [Marketing Expert]
"I don't buy this service, but the way you communicate and explain your offer is very easy to understand - so as a non expert I like your approach and branding"

Reviewer 2

Would you run this idea?

Yes but with minor changes
Experienced Marketing Professional with a demonstrated history of working within international and SaaS startups. Highly skilled in B2B and B2B2C Marketing, Brand Positioning, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation [Marketing Expert]
"Hello, I understand that you would like to catch your target market's attention through their pain point but as this is your website I would suggest to also add your proposition to your main page."

Reviewer 3

Would you run this idea?

Yes but with minor changes
An Industry source of shopper metrics for CPG products in Supermarkets
"I think overall its really strong. Nice and simple, the idea is clear. And use of space is excellent on screen. My "builds" would be that I just worry about that the opening page is looking a little too much from an "Industry" point of view, not entirely a client one. For example for one I'd never thought about a thing called the "audit Industry" but please note I am not a finance director. I am also not sure that "care about me" is quite the angle I'd want as a business owner. Stronger for me might be (poorly expressed but..) "You have to pay for an audit. But don't you actually want business improvements?" "Open, timely, collaborative", is the neat proposition. As is "solutions not problems". Both are good. Is it a pity this comes at the end of the piece not the start?? I know its hard to get people to read all the way down a page?"

Reviewer 4

Would you run this idea?

Yes but with minor changes
It is our passion that helps us overcome any setbacks.
"Eye-catching Your presentation is "clean and crisp". Engaging I was interested in learning more and it was easy to get to further information. Easy to understand The message was too general for me. Most firms talk about how great processes they have in place. I would appreciate more concrete info (About us) on how you make sure that you will: TREAT ME LIKE A PERSON, VALUE MY TIME, DO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR ME. A potential client has to go to the Audit section to find out a tiny bit more. It could be more valuable to be able to click on the above statements and being taken to the detail and also find a bit more detail than on the Audit page - not more words, just more believable, maybe with a brief outline of the process. Says what it is meant to Personally, I went through many financial audits (with big firms and internal teams in big corporations). Your message of being different and better did not come across strongly enough. It seemed focused on what others do wrong - it may be true but as a client I would be more responsive to a message that was delivered the other way round, i.e. "we are doing this well as others don't" as opposed to "others do it wrong and we are better". When you describe "Who we are", it is very broad. I would expect more details about your expertise. Forty years of experience may as well be one year repeated forty times. I would like to see the expertise (academia, achievements). One thing that I did not appreciate was under "What our clients say". Here I would expect some accolades but I felt like being cheated - they were just case studies. I would like to see real results, real people and their feedback."

Reviewer 5

Would you run this idea?

Yes but with minor changes
Design & build of low carbon, modular buildings - built offsite and delivered to site virtually complete
"Design is clear, bold and not overly cluttered, which is good. The overall message is clear and consistent. I'm not from the finance industry - nor am I the target audience - so this might be already clear enough to people who are the target audience, but I would wonder more about HOW Rise Audit is truly different. I know the 'A new kind of audit' section explains this succinctly, but perhaps more of an in depth look at how Rise Audit is different would really help to articulate why a potential customer would want to choose Rise Audit over one of the Big 4 or another reputed brand. Finally, the 'A new kind of audit' section .... perhaps this could be 'Rise to a new kind of audit' ."